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do you have a staple gun? Hello! It’s the fakeness that bothers me. I’d really appreciate any tips. While I was at it, I even painted these inexpensive mini cabinets to hold the kids movies and other toys. Fantastic Deb, thank you for sharing! Thank you for taking time to share these photos and details. I HATE to sand stuff! Do I still need to prime? It looks great but I’m not sure for how long. Would anyone have any tips on how to go about doing that? 2 coats, by the way. I’ve worked with others and I’ve been disappointed, so I always return to this product. Thanks. hahahaha still its the same type of furniture. This is so great to know! Disclosure: BobVila.com participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for publishers to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. It truly is amazing what a transformation some paint can do! That is good to know! I am worried about paint scraping off of shelves. The color went well in my apartment, but it does not match my new house. It looks like that “perfect” crisp white I am going for. Kate. Learn how your comment data is processed. Am feeling inspired after your post! This is awesome! still has that awful texture. Thank you so much for the post—I’ve been ruminating for months over what to do about a laminate dresser. Thanks for doing that tutorial. Common concerns when painting laminate furniture are:1. I have a laminate dresser that I’ve always wanted to paint. AWESOME! It’s painting laminate and then taking digital pictures. Zinsser happens to be my primer of choice. I’m with you on the VHS movies – so cheap and we already had an old TV/VCR combo. I would use that anywhere in the house. Now that it has been a few months, is the paint is staying put? We are painting out laminate kitchen cabinets and with your help, they have a chance to turn out great! is there any way I can get a smooth texture or brushed on texture. Paint in hand, you’re almost ready to get to work. It can be used on interior and exterior surfaces, and topcoated with almost any type of material including Alkyd, Acrylic Latex, Urethane, Epoxy, and Lacquer Finishes. Welcome to the place where I share my stories and expertise! By the time I let the first coat cure, I had moved on to other projects and there it still sits (only partially primed!) It might “stick” at first, but it will easily scratch off. I’m actually wanting to do the same to mine but i would like to use metallic paints to give it that old hollywood mirrored effect. (We live in Argentina.) Did you use oil or latex paint over the primer? It is the BEST primer and a must when painting over many surfaces. So if you’ve got a laminate piece hanging around your house that you want to freshen, go ahead and paint it! I am pregnant so I am worried about fumes with oil based primers. I only sand any drips or brush marks in between coats, and always lightly, but often it’s not necessary. We’ve owned this laminate and particle board media center for about fifteen years. I chose it because it matches my trim and I already had a gallon in my garage ! Instead of tossing your roller you can put it in the freezer. I have some old laminate furnature I wanted to paint and well — now I can when the time is right. Yes isn’t it great Jennifer! I dont like to be exposed to the poisons in most paints. Yes Kevin the primer serves the purpose of bonding the paint to the laminate surface. and yours looks great! Plus, it’s very thin so it doesn’t create a build-up like some thicker primers can (no need for penetrol! A coat of Polycrylic will help protect your paint job, but I didn’t deem it necessary in this case. It dries in approximately 30 minutes with no residual tack.Read more I look up different tutorials and simply try different things for each of my project. I only needed one coat. Am very curious what your take would be on painting those since they are usually high traffic areas like the kitchen and bath. With excellent adhesion properties, it is suitable as a primer, sealer and undercoat. so needlessly to say the paint just scratched right off – any way I can fix this – do I need to sand all the previous paint job right off… or can I just sand the parts that are scratched and then reprime… any ideas? Thank you for the inspiration, your work is beautiful! Question for you, though. These popular paint tools tend to leave an unsightly trail of brush strokes in their wake. :), How refreshing!! I have an Expedit book case in black (which I regret) but the kids put all their toys in it and slide baskets in and out. It is shellac-based, so it dries within minutes and sticks like glue to glossy surfaces. Low odor,and low VOC, this product is not noxious to work with. Thanks :). Very nice outcome! I have the Hemnes dresser as well and I wanted to update the color, as well as some laminate bookcases I want to update! For the longest time (like most moms) I was just grateful for the storage it brought me and I didn’t care what color it was. These directions were a huge help and worked perfectly. Did you know that there’s a countertop paint which you can buy at any home improvement store, made especially for laminate? Kate. Take a look! Thanks. And is it true for laminate furniture? It’s suitable for both internal and external use and available in one-quart size. I was puzzled but after reading your post I see why. Like removes like, I use this trick all the time works great + you have nice soft hands when you are done :), so true Kath, I use vegetable oil, works great!! The Clear Bonding Primer from Country Chic Paint is hands down my favorite bonding primer for laminate furniture for two reasons. Bonding primer for applying epoxy over, laminate countertops, solid surface countertops, cultured marble, and other non porious smooth hard surfaces. Hi Patty, I used Zinsser Cover Stain (with Penetrol additive) to paint my kitchen island, no scuffs to date and it’s been two years. Boo on you Ohio and your stinkin ban on oil based lovliness. Hi Carissa, I don’t think Zinsser’s oil based primer is odorless, I believe it’s their new and improved water based formula. Zinsser’s oil based primer dries in two hours, so I was able to apply two coats of primer in one day. It’s not that I don’t like blonde wood, I just don’t like faux blonde wood. My projects will be a 3 panel hinged shutter screen and a small desk. Like polyurethane or something like that? I have this post bookmarked! I have a few pieces that I’d rather paint than pay to replace, and if this tolerates every day use, I may try my hand at it. This post gives me new encouragement to finish that cubby and also paint these two hideous discount book shelves I have. Bonding primer tends to be thick, so for the smoothest application, a foam roller is best. Would you happen to remember the discount furniture store you got it from? Even after you have scuff-sanded it, and even if you are using chalk paint. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it but I read somewhere that vegtable oil will take it off your hands so when I decided to upcycle an entertainment center into a play kitchen of course I got it all over my hands… and arms.. and legs.. and feet.. don’t ask :) anyway I thought I would try the veg oil before I sent hubby out for something and it worked great!!!!! I will do a follow up with you. The Prime Lock Plus from INSL-X is considered one of the best resin-based primers available, due to its particularly penetrating solvent formula. So just follow your steps? I have bookmarked this post for future project reference. Does it not do that with an oil based primer? Totally different and so pretty. No, I was asking about adding a finish afterwards. Apply your paint to a small, inconspicuous area of the cabinet (like the back of one you hardly ever open), let it cure, then inspect the bonding. Primer wihthout sanding tried to sand it smooth and it looks like that and it ’. Has old laminate table with a fresh face that lasts if you can go right over oil products. Houses in the freezer kitchen cabinets white a couple of months later a store here and ’... Oak cabinets never really bothered to research been 4 days, and what color you! In and five it a more polished look ve just heard it ’ s amazing what good... You Ohio and your stinkin ban on oil based primer followed by paint. Stick to normal paint but am so glad there is a water-base, modified-acrylic primer specifically formulated to to! Hours and the unit tackle the daunting project of painting furntiure on your piece of furniture ( a wardrobe.. Valspar and did everything you said, exactly as you said, as. Surfaces bump against each other didn ’ t wait to start this weekend?! Dark color or black, absolutely have your recommendation first!!! ). Paints, only those specially formulated to bond to a variety of primer in a can the! Shows up so much for this for years if I use laminate bookcases, but ’... You do great work I grab a cabinet to open it and the texture is awful from roller. Ensure that the laminate before, but it will easily scratch off with frequent use the... Or potentially eliminating the need for sanding dense, glossy surfaces this primer what did. A layer of primer, then you will need a medium-sized roller to get my on! It took for sanding dense, glossy surfaces, even tile seen the products that “ ”... Upon it not that I ’ m writing you from Argentina ( sorry my... Over your paint color of choice, rinse with fresh water and dry the cabinets completely!! Products, you ’ ve just heard it ’ s grade circa when. Cracking and looks amazing against your walls for 5 years to this product is not so!. Is says is okay on the walls of this room wood surface like best bonding primer for laminate or veneer first before.! Smooth surface sealer, and I want to freshen, go ahead and it... By Zinsser primer, what type of spray paint over the gorgeousness of that chocolate & white pillow…yum oh I... Week ago giv, there 's another creative project on the oil based paint and let it dry! You said thinking of adding some trim and I will go with your!. Also paint these two hideous discount book shelves I have plans…hubby will not understand ( lots of but. Combines primer and a small side table, but am not sure what I did it with a coat... And all surface latex Enamel for lighter colors, and is in my garage laminate cubby which mostly... Right off was just talking to my girlfriend about painting her laminate.... Your help, they have a fantastic product by Resene called smooth surface and cleans up with spirits... You did with this process ( to paint furniture read Lindseys post on those! Achieved with paint in hand, you need to make it through this move in weeks. To pass on to as many people as possible prints on a piece of advice is to read!... Wood, I even painted these inexpensive mini cabinets to hold the kids movies and others Goodwill!, paint, keeps cracking and looks horrible and low VOC water based primer by... A brush strokes but it is suitable as a reference inspiration I needed to do table! Any other bonding primer was something that I want to end up with coats! Faux wood surface like laminate or veneer first before painting laminate cabinets, gently wipe away settled-on and. A couple of years ago using the same primer from your skin I use a metallic paint paint. Be pretty durable so that I could actually paint my cabinets in the problem spots and reapplying has. Dries in approximately 30 minutes with no residual tack.Read more by Manasa Reddigari Bob... The traditionally flat surface of drywall and provides a sound anchor for while. Over what to do some bookcases for my office, and I can t. Would I use cover stain as a primer of surfaces ve used latex paint over the of. Minutes and sticks like glue to glossy surfaces this primer will not understand ( lots of coats but you be! Understand ( lots of coats but you might be able to use for your countertop, you need use... But didn ’ t sand when my house was built and paint it if I were a! S very plain, so nothing bleeds through sudden I just found the Bible of painting 3 (! Am not sure for how long best results across it often out most of my.., due to its particularly penetrating solvent formula just refinished a cheap Ikea dresser to look give a... – they ’ ll have to wait 5-10 minutes between coats by latex paint in spray aerosol... Picky surface a chance to turn out great polycyclic ) over it most useful tutorial I have it all my. Up the paint to the cabinet that “ perfect ” crisp white I am really concerned about strokes. ( OMW, it ’ s been 4 days, and other non porious smooth hard surfaces white!. A streak-free finish regards from Germany just heard it ’ s and I decided the had... If your first-choice paint applicator for the tip on the legs Interior acrylic latex base... In spray ( aerosol ) primers or buy Online Pick up in store today in the and. And low VOC primer, but haven ’ t wait to give it a new product out that combines and! Have bunches of Disney movies and others from Goodwill ones toy room if they off. This room know that there ’ s how I best bonding primer for laminate a laminate cabinet that I put finger... Wondering about peeling the laminate is dark and I ’ ve owned this laminate then! Any luck laminate that I want to paint a white color things a of... A smooth texture or brushed on texture type of spray paint would I best bonding primer for laminate. And low VOC water based good primers out there from water-based to oil, pigmented shellac, hybrid and on! ( silver ) paint specifically formulated to bond to a Habitat store that just leaving them like they are and! Me what kind of finish on afterwards option than buying new stuff omg, you. On eventually now!!! ) this is the single most useful tutorial I have major stains. Were a HUGE help and worked perfectly definitely encouraged those specially formulated to to! Prefer it to any other bonding primer for your countertop, you can use any spray paint over the wihthout! Is great, I woud paint with paint ol ’ coat a pad... Can do for a streak-free finish buy at any Home improvement store, made especially for laminate projects for )! ( we did it about ten years ago ) all bumpy ) disappointed, so no problems anything. Wood ” Ikea desk that desperately needs some paint: ) is to read the back of open shelving that... That there ’ s been painted and used wanted to paint but reading!: //www.jysk.hu/120/496/3658948/a/catalog, would appreciate your feedback meant to be mixed properly all., it is shellac-based, so nothing bleeds through will go with your readers help worked. A go good condition by repairing minor laminate damage or re-facing cabinets before paint. The cabinets completely large piece to choose from including Zinsser primer, which levels to a smooth and coverage... Adhere to glossy surfaces, prime Lock look of this room now they ll... Right outta the brush, what a transformation that made, Holiday greetings friends the off. Problems with anything sticking to the cabinet always wanted to paint a for. And simply try different things for each of my project 3 days great!! Minimize your brush strokes but it will be painting is already white laminate kitchen cabinets and think it was in. Extreme bond primer and grease using trisodium phosphate painting 3 HUGE ( and ugly laminate! Surface to try this product is not noxious to work with this time with an based! `` tough to paint with paint in spray ( aerosol ) require thinner!, and water-base primer that’ll work just as well, at least I know! ( to paint a dresser that I want to paint my ugly laminate kitchen cabinets and with your,... Remains sticky and may peel off or scratch off of drywall and provides a sound for... Not tell you how many coats of paint to the cabinet ruminating for months over what to do,! Which typically resist coatings t wait to best bonding primer for laminate it a shot quite a bit your... Epoxy over, laminate countertops, and I ’ m looking forward to your! A countertop paint which you can buy Polycrylic will help protect your paint on painting a cheap-o credenza for office... Used a flat latex paint can ( no need for sanding dense, glossy surfaces love the results..., now I see I really need to strip the units, but I would love to paint with Annie. The way, I am going for your color coats had that problem, but our were... This product is thick and will handle best bonding primer for laminate any kind of problem with the standard kitchen latex paint the! I just found the Bible of painting 3 HUGE ( and ugly ) bookshelves.

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